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Uses & Benefits of Adding Pearl in Your Diet

What is Pearl Powder?

Pearl powder comes from fresh or saltwater pearls (your grandma’s fav gemstone) that are finely crushed into a powder that resembles flour. This powder is becoming increasingly popular in today’s beauty community and is added to both skincare and supplement products. Pearl contains essential minerals and amino acids that are vital to optimal protein production and has a long history in ancient traditional medicine practices. 

Collagen peptides are one of the many proteins that pearl is responsible for boosting. Found in your skin cells, collagen helps keep skin look young, healthy, and glowing. In addition to having great beauty perks, pearl powder is great for keeping your metabolism running and your bones strong because it is rich in calcium. If you’re looking to level up your beauty regimen in order to improve your skin complexion or boost your metabolism, keep reading to learn about the benefits of pearl powder, where to get it, and how to easily incorporate it into your diet.



What is Pearl Powder Made Of?

So what is a pearl made out of? Pearl is packed with many different health-improving components. One of these components is amino acids. These essential building blocks are vital for producing proteins. Collagen and keratin are two proteins that are responsible for healthy skin, hair, and nail growth. The amino acids found in pearl powder help stimulate these two proteins to grow while also encouraging the hydration of cells. 

Calcium is another big element of what pearl is made of. This mineral is mostly found in our bones and teeth and is responsible for keeping them strong. It also enables our body to do many essential activities such as making our heart beat, our blood clot, and our muscles contract. No biggie.

Finally, there are also over 30 trace minerals found in pearl. Trace minerals are minerals that are crucial to our body’s health and development but are only needed in small amounts. Potassium and magnesium, for example, promote a strong immune system, healthy hormones, and youthful skin. The body can’t always make their own minerals, so making sure to supplement it into our diets is crucial. 


Where Does Pearl Come From?

As mentioned earlier, pearl powder has been used as a traditional medicine for many centuries and dates back to about 320 A.D. Physicians back in the day claimed that this powder could work as an antidote to poisons, increase general health, and cure eye conditions. Both Chinese royalty and Indian physicians swore by this natural ingredient and I’m excited that it’s becoming popular again today. 

As health has become a super popular subject in recent years, people have sought after supplements that will aid their health journeys and make their life easier. Pearl powder’s numerous benefits have attracted many people for this reason and because of the difference it can make for both beauty and health relates issues. 


Benefits of Pearl Powder?

Makes Skin Glowy AF

Ever notice how shiny a pearl is? Pearls get their luminescence from a protein called Conchiolin. This protein is responsible for boosting the production of collagen within the layers of your skin (read more here about the perks of collagen) and gives your skin a youthful, glowing appearance. It also improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. 


Stronger Bones

Because of the physical structure of pearl powder molecules, our bodies are easily able to absorb and efficiently utilize the nutrients that it contains. Not only that, but the pearl is also considered one of the purest forms of calcium. This means that our bodies can easily use pearl for the mineralization of bones (making them denser and stronger) and also for promoting new bone growth. 



Less Fatigue & More Energy

Pearl powder has dozens of minerals that are important for balancing and maintaining the essential functions of our bodies. Calcium and magnesium are really important for promoting healthy blood circulation. If the body experiences poor blood circulation, oftentimes you may feel extra tired, experience digestive problems, and even feel numbness in the fingers. Try including pearl powder in your diet to avoid these issues. 


Clears Up Acne & Rejuvenates Skin

Another beneficial ingredient found in pearl is Nacre. Nacre is responsible for stimulating and speeding up cells that are responsible for the healing of microabrasions, scars, and other wounds in the skin. Any inflammation, acne spots, or wrinkles in the skin are rejuvenated and replenished by consuming pearl powder. 


Spiritually Activating Shen Tonic

This is one of Pearl's most unique benefits. Pearl is considered a Shen tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shen is known as one of the "Three Treasures" and is thought of as ‘spirit’ or ‘mind’. Shen tonics promote compassion, acceptance and forgiveness and is known to help strengthen and harmonize this energy. Pearl is used to enhance tranquility, boost mood and is an excellent compliment to meditation.



Calms & Reduces Stress

Pearl is similarly well known for its calming and relaxing properties to promote a positive mood, reduce stress and soothe the nervous system. Pearl has been shown to elevate GABA levels in the brain, which is a calming neurotransmitter. GABA is typically lacking in those with stress and chronic anxiety. 


How To Add & Use Pearl Powder In Your Diet


How To Use Pearl Dust

Pearl powder, sometimes called pearl dust, can be used in several different ways. Some people enjoy incorporating pearl powder into skincare creams or masks. As a topical ingredient, pearl helps improve the appearance of skin by plumping it up through hydration. A more effective way to use pearl powder, however, is to consume it. Supplement powders can be blended into smoothies or snacks, such as LUME’s Glow Granola clusters, and are great for a quick bite.


The best way to consume pearl powder is by incorporating it with other natural ingredients that will boost its effects. Fruits, such as dragon fruit and banana, are packed with great vitamins that are essential for healthy skin and bodies that when combined with pearl ingredients will result in faster and more impressive improvements. By adding pearl to your breakfast, you can start the day off with feeling balanced and energized, ready to take on the day as a badass. 

LÜME GLOW granola is the perfect option for adding pearl to your diet. Also infused with collagen, biotin, and aloe vera, this delicious snack supports glowing skin but also promotes healthy hair and nails. If you couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy the dozens of different supplement powders that IG influencers are suggesting, don’t worry, LUME’s got your back ;)


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