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LÜME: Eat Vitamin and Herbal Granola Snack Supplements

LÜME: Eat Vitamin and Herbal Granola Snack Supplements


Press Release | 2.25.20

As a popular health trend, wellness-focused snacks continue to take off all over the world. The appeal is clear; snacks like healthy granola can help to replace fatty foods and sugary treats while keeping users feeling full and satisfied. But with the quick explosion of the health foods industry in the past decade, both good and bad products have made it to the forefront of the exciting new sector.

LÜME is a wellness-focused company that offers gluten-free granola to nourish the body and promote better skin, nails, hair, and energy levels. The brand, which only just launched this week, allows consumers to shop their products on the official website. While much is still up in the air concerning where the company and their new line of products will go from here, the market is excited to see what the new LÜME has to offer the healthy snack industry.


What Is LÜME?

The wellness industry is filled with brands that working to simplify the lives of their customers, and the influx of organic remedies has become rather popular. Natural superfoods and whole foods are among some of the most nutritious options for the average consumer, but the cost of actually supplying the body with these foods can be prohibitive for many users. Even more importantly, some consumers might have trouble portioning and making full use of these products in their daily wellness routines.

The company was founded with a simple mission; they seek to provide their audience with a variety of organic and gluten-free granola treats that have already been pre-portioned. Their formulas are meant to give consumers the collagen support and metabolism boost they need while satisfying them with deliciously edible flavors.

In a press release published by Nosh, founder Travis Piéd stated, “I am excited to announce the launch of LÜME and, in doing so, inherently share with others a way to perceive food differently. At a young age, I saw firsthand that what you put in your body is directly connected to your health, state of mind, and even sense of self. Growing up, my mom suffered from brutal migraines, and it wasn’t until my dad introduced us to a more holistic lifestyle and dieting approach, that her health greatly improved.”

Piéd explained that the use of whole foods, vitamins, and herbs coincided with a drastic decrease in migraines and improvement in the health of his family. Now, with this small lineup of once-daily granola snacks, customers can also take advantage of the kind of superfood benefits that he saw in his own family.


Vitamin And Herbal Granolas From LÜME

Since the brand is new, only a small selection of remedies are available. Predominantly, consumers have their choice of Fit (one flavor) and Glow (two flavors).

  •  LÜME Fit is a herbal granola composed of a combination of yerba mate, oolong tea, and cactus extract blended together to improve metabolism and increase energy levels. This particular blend also includes almonds, oats, and cacao nibs.
  •  LÜME Glow is available with two flavor options: Cinnamon Almond and Lavender Vanilla. Both variations of the collagen granola are meant to support the health and beauty of the hair, skin, and nails. Concerning ingredients, this product includes a blend of marine collagen, biotin, pearl, aloe vera, bamboo extract, and vitamins.

Consumers that are unsure of what product would suit them best can check out the sampler package currently available for $19. The sampler package includes all three options.

With all purchases, users choose to either make a one-time purchase or subscribe for regular shipments. Recurring shipments come with an additional discount. For example, a six-packet box of Fit granola is available for $5, but this price drops to $4 with a subscription.


Frequently Asked Questions About LÜME

Users might have a number of questions about this product line. Because the company is so new, answers are limited. Nevertheless, this question will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about LÜME's new product line.

Q: How Can LÜME Granola Supplements Help To Improve Wellness?

A: LÜME's Fit herbal granola helps users to improve their metabolism and increase overall energy levels. The company also offers Glow, which uses biotin & collagen to support the health of the hair, skin, and nails in its users.

Q: How Do You Use LÜME?

A: Use is very simple. The products are typically called a “once daily” snack. Users can eat the granola at any time, but should limit their daily intake of the snack to ensure that they don't harm their weight loss goals through the use of LÜME.

Q: Is LÜME A Medicine Or Drug?

A: No! LÜME is marketed as a snack-based supplement with vitamins and adaptogen-infused granolas. Each product in the LÜME line is packed with nutritious herbal extracts and ingredients that help users to improve their overall wellness and health. This being said, the product requires no subscription and is not subject to the same regulations applied to drugs.

Q: Will LÜME Be Releasing New Products?

A: We'll have to wait and see! LÜME is competing in a pretty over-saturated market, so their expansion relies heavily on the success of this initial product line in the coming months. For users who want to see an expansion of the products by LÜME, spreading the word is always a good idea.

Q: Does LÜME Use All-Natural Ingredients?

A: Yes! LÜME products are all-natural and organic.


Contacting LÜME

Even with the information on the website and in recent news stories, consumers may still have other questions that they want to address. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to hello@eatlume.co.

Final Thoughts

LÜME may be rather new to the industry, but their first roll-out of products offer potent and delicious support to users. Consumers have the choice of three different flavors, which they can get regularly by signing up for a subscription. However, the cost is fairly low, so anyone that is unsure about making these products a regular part of their daily routine won’t break the bank in trying some new and healthy snacks.

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